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Trojan.SHarpro.PGen - Lack of Identification

I'm a user of Norton Internet Security 2011; Symantec has no protection against this virus, and has no mention of it that I could find by searching through it's database.

Some of the symptoms for this virus included redirection to phishing websites, random opening links to silly articles regarding popular culture (probably another form of phishing), and a variety of other pesky annoyances involving memory overuse by rundll32.exe. I've included the log for Malware, if it's any use to any support technicians who might bump their noses up against this.

I scanned through the first time odd symptoms popped up using Norton, but nothing was found as usual...So when the problem continued I used Malwarebytes, which instantly located and removed the problem. Symantec should probably fix this by adding some measure of protection...As for the other virus mentioned on the log provided below, trojan.BHO, it was probably brought in by the back doors SHarpro opened so I'm not much worried about that.

Otherwise, my problem's solved. Just reporting a security hole.