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This forum thread needs a solution.

NIS 2009 on a virtual PC

 Hi folks...

I'm running NIS 2009 as protection for a virtual machine (MS Virtual PC 2007 SP1) with NAT shared networking. The install went well and I didn't see much of the terrible slowness exhibited by NIS 2008 in a virtual environment. The only problem is: I can't get it activated!    

"No response from the Symantec server" is the result of the 'activate now' option and I've tried both sharing a network connection with the host and a direct connection to my router with the same outcome. The machine is connected tho'...In fact I chatted in 'program' with a technician about the issue. No help there, I'm afraid. Any beta testers out there seen this issue???  Cheers, Paul



Re: NIS 2009 on a virtual PC



Surely someone must have tested this program in a virtual environment?


Re: NIS 2009 on a virtual PC

OK. Solution: MS Virtual PC 2007 is not a suitable environment for any Norton security product to work in. VMware works fine and I have activated.

Many, many thanks for all yr interest and offers of help in this matter.

I would like to thank each and every one of you my dear, dear friends. Without yr assistance in this matter, I would have been lost.

Thanks once again. I must say, the people that say that Norton users are a bunch of n00bs and fannies are just so, so wrong!

I look forward to my active participation in yr delightful and (surprisingly) active forum.

Cheery bye now.


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