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  • 31-mar-2017 | 4:52PM Commented on Annoying Norton Pop Up
    No Norton Tasks in Scheduler. I have run the removal tool, Norton have taken over several times and ran the removal tool. According to them, I do not have Norton on my system.. The pop up is cons...
  • 31-mar-2017 | 12:53PM Commented on Annoying Norton Pop Up
    Yup, I have a Norton Account still, Yup I spoke to their OFFICIAL  support desk, by online chat and by phone, yup they have been given access to my computer on numerous occasions to "fix" the issu...
  • 29-mar-2017 | 8:19PM Created a new Forum Thread: Annoying Norton Pop Up
    Agree or disagree, I don't care, but, I stopped using Norton a long long time ago, how do I get them to leave me alone. The constant  almost full page pop ups are driving me to distraction. Yes I ...