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  • 11-fev-2019 | 2:52PM Created a new Forum Thread: Norton core discontinued?
    I noticed recently that the Norton Core is no longer available on Best Buy's website (entering it in the search window results in a "not found" message.  I did a google search and found one websit...
  • The Core is perceiving usage even during the night when it is blocking internet access for all the managed devices.  Since usage time can only be determined by monitoring managed devices' active c...
  • Hello.  I am using the latest IOS app version which is 1.27.  I have power cycled the Core in the past without success in fixing the problem.
  • 13-abr-2018 | 3:07PM Commented on Parental controls stopped working
    Actually, the issue in this posting is different from that in my other posting.  I did resolve the issue described in this post by temporarily disconnecting electrical power from the Core.
  • The parental control Daily Time Limit is supposed to allow devices assigned to users with this control to access the internet for a specific number of hours each day.  Since installing my Core sev...
  • 12-abr-2018 | 11:09AM Created a new Forum Thread: Parental controls stopped working
    Sometime during the past week, the ability to block internet access to devices has stopped working. The firmware recently updated to 237, but I do not know whether this issue started when that hap...