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  • 20-dez-2016 | 8:25PM Commented on Yahoo Breach
    yes that's it but when you open it it asks for personal info
  • 20-dez-2016 | 7:22AM Commented on Yahoo Breach
    I was just wondering if anyone else was getting this pop up. I really didn't think it was from Norton it asks to protect all your info and asks for to much personal information.
  • 20-dez-2016 | 7:20AM Commented on Yahoo Breach
    When you click on it.....(the message)  to open it . It asks for all your personal info and says its from Norton
  • 20-dez-2016 | 6:22AM Created a new Forum Thread: Yahoo Breach
    Has everyone been getting a pop up saying Yahoo has been hacked and you need to update all your personnel info? It wants everything ,social security ,credit cards all personal info on you.