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31-jul-2010 | 2:10AM • 8 anos 7 meses
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22-mar-2019 | 3:54PM
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Retired Sr. Systems Analyst

I'm one of those rare breeds, hardware AND software expert! Started designing digital circuits, programmer, to field engineering for small business systems, to programming again then on to systems support and finally retired from the IT industry as a Senior Systems Analyst in 2002! Along the way designed and built several systems modules in both hardware and software, including rewriting some of the Apple ][ firmware developing my own security and communications package within it's ROMs. Worked on various systems, including Sun Micro as sys admin on Solaris, then on to Unix, Linux, freeBSD on to developing software for diagnostics, on  to developing communications firmware for a large laser system that was faaaarrrr more stable then the one offered by manufacture, who eventually stole it from me and used it on all it's equipment, but, all that is behind me now! Since I LOVE food, in 2004 I opened my own Greek restaurant/sportsbar for a while, now just enjoying life!