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Norton Online Family not Authenticating

Hi - I am having the same problem as another user.  I have downloaded the software to my daughter's computer, and cannot authenticate getting the error message: 

"Contact with the OnlineFamily.Norton server has failed.  Make sure you are connected to thge Internet and try again."

I looked through the other post, pinged the server and got a response, quickly.  Also was able to get to the website using the other command. 

I have shut off the firewall, uninstalled McAfee because I am getting new virus protection and uninstalled and re-installed Online Family.  Still getting the same message.

Can you help?





Re: Norton Online Family not Authenticating

Hello traciamc,

My name is Jason and I recently sent you a PM(Private Message) through the forum.  You may check that message by selecting the picture of the envelope near the upper right corner when logged into the forum.

Thank you.



Re: Norton Online Family not Authenticating

In this case, the reason OnlineFamily.Norton was not able to Authenticate was that the Date and Time settings were incorrect on the computer.  A minor discrepancy is not problematic, but in this case, the date was off by one year.  This prevented the NSM client from binding to the server.  After correcting date, the client was able to Authenticate and the install was completed.  Thank you for your post, traciamc.


Marked as solved.

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