Hi I'm running the nms lite on mi device, but like to upgrade to the full version, which is the best option to purchase it, by the app or by Norton web, also the price showed at nortonweb its not the same that the showed at the app

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Re: nms

Hi ulebrino.

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The best answer to your question may well be - wherever you get the best price.  The price on the Android Market is non-negotiable.  What you are quoted is what everyone in your country is quoted and what you pay.  That said, it is easy and so far the upgrades have been a bit faster coming through via the market that off it.  But if you can get a copy cheaper either directly from Norton or from a retail seller such as Staples then you may prefer that as it is basically the same product and now that is updated via Live Update there should be little or no lag between the application coming via the Market or not.

Once you have the full version of NMS it will give you improved Anti-Theft functionality.  You can also download a free Norton Anti-Theft plugin for NMS from the Android Market giving you some extra features.  You do not need to have downloaded NMS from the Market to use this plugin.  It will work with either the Market version of NMS or the non-Market version.

I hope that helps.  Any questions just shout.

Good luck.