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Merging Norton and Lifelock accounts

I am a longtime user of Lifelock and Norton products. I currently have separate accounts for each of the services. Since Norton and Lifelock have merged I would like to merge the accounts and pay for the merged service once annually and experience cost savings as a result. Based upon my research on this forum and others this seems to have an unknown solution. I know I am not the only person who is interested in doing this. Does anyone have knowledge of the process to do this? Has Norton Lifelock created a process for doing this and if so what is it? 



Re: Merging Norton and Lifelock accounts

I think your best bet is to contact support by phone and explain the situation. I say by phone because I think it would be a lot easier than by chat and best to contact an agent on the Lifelock side. I have always been happy with phone chats with them.

You will probably have to sign up for a new subscription but maybe you can convince them to lower the price and add some days from your current subscriptions.

Good Luck.