Norton Family time limit on Chromebook

I have been using Norton Family now for a while with mostly success on  Android mobile devices of my kids. However recently for schoolwork I have purchased a Chromebook. There I also installed Norton 360 and Norton Family and for most installed apps on the Chromebook the time limit settings worked. When opening a certain app after the time limit has been reached, my son gets a message that it is blocked because of the time limits. 
Unfortunately, for some apps this does not work, for example the chrome browser itself, he can just open chrome and browse, no warnings are given. Also no monitoring or applied rules to this chrome browser, so he can access sites that he shouldn't.
Is this something I setup wrong? Or is it still because Chromebooks are not supported. What is the expected date for Chromebook support in Norton Family? I expect that since Chromebooks become more and more popular, this would be soon supported.

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Re: Norton Family time limit on Chromebook

Hello Joris B,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum.

Norton Family Android client is not supported on Chrome OS. We would however pass this request to our product management team.

Norton Family Team

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