Add Family support for Brave browser on mobile

My child has an Android device (Pixel 4a). All our family uses Brave, which is a rebranded Chrome. Because Brave mobile is not officially supported by Family, I get the "Tampering Detected" alarm. I know Family supports Chrome as the mobile device browser, but I don't want to change my child to Chrome, as I moved us all to Brave for a reason. Since Brave is really just Chrome by another name, can Family add support for Brave? And if I continue with Brave, I believe I get "partial" Family support/features. Which features of Family do NOT work on the currently unsupported Brave?  


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Re: Add Family support for Brave browser on mobile


Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum.

Norton Family Android client does not support Brave browser as of today. We would however pass this request to our product management team.

Web, video and search supervisions are the features that will not work in unsupported browsers.

Norton Family Team

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