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Foreign Call Center Problems

I had an occasion to contact customer service to find out why my bank accounts cannot be accessed for monitoring.  I got India or Sri Lanka and asked to be transferred to the US.  I don't hear well and have a very hard time with thick accents of any kind (hearing aids do not help with that).  I was told that they could not transfer me.  I repeated the request and was told to hold while the person checked with his supervisor.  He came back on the line and said he would give me another number to call.  I called it and got the same result.  The person said she could not transfer me and said (as I was able to understand her) I would be sent right back to a foreign call center.  This is unacceptable and would not have happened under the LifeLock I signed for years ago.  I resent Norton for sending jobs offshore and for not having the decency to instruct their call centers to comply with this request without hesitation.  I also resent Norton for not recognizing some people have handicaps and disabilities that need to be considered.  Maybe ADA should be contacted.

I am requesting a number that will get me to the US without having to argue with people from third-world countries.

If you are having this same issue, I recommend a strong demand that Norton provide US help.



Re: Foreign Call Center Problems

Sorry, that Support is routed off-shore.   
Agree users deserve on-shore support option.  

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