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How to disable blocking websites on Norton Anti Track

Now that I have set up Anti Track, my computer (PC  with W10) is running so slowly.  I looked at the settings and found anti track is blocking stuff from my bank, my browser (Google), (my ISP) the BBC News website etc.  These are all sites that I use every day, is there something in Settings that can provide exceptions to sites so they are not blocked.



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Re: How to disable blocking websites on Norton Anti Track

Disable Norton AntiTrack for a specific website

Certain websites require tracker blockers to be turned off in order to function correctly. Turning off tracker blockers may make your personal information vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Norton AntiTrack masks your personal information for the website to function correctly and blocks and notifies you of tracking attempts made by a specific website.

If a website does not work correctly due to tracker blockers, click the 

 button on the Norton AntiTrack extension. If the issue persists, disable Norton AntiTrack extension for the specific website.


  1. Open your browser and launch the website for which the tracker blocker needs to be disabled.

  2. Click the Norton AntiTrack browser extension.

  3. In the Blocking tracking and profiling window, under Disable AntiTrack on this site, click Once or Always.

    When AntiTrack is disabled, the tracking and fingerprinting attempts of a specific website will not be blocked.

    You can also enable Norton AntiTrack extension for a specific website that was disabled earlier. To enable Norton AntiTrack again, click Enable AntiTrack for this site on the Norton AntiTrack extension window. 

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Download and install Norton AntiTrack 

Features of Norton AntiTrack 

Install Norton AntiTrack extension on your web browser 

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Re: How to disable blocking websites on Norton Anti Track

Thank you BJM for the advice.  Your advice about anti track allowing tracking for certain web sites has worked fine. 




Re: How to disable blocking websites on Norton Anti Track

After 10 days of trying to set up Anti Track, and eventually doing so with some great help from this forum, I managed to get this extension up and running.  However, the first switch on with AT running slowed the computer (PC with W10) dramatically.  How about 4 minutes 34 seconds to complete the PC start up?  This PC usually manages a start up in 40 seconds or so.

After some more advice from this forum, I changed the settings on AT to allow tracking on favourite web sites, and initially, that did seem to work.  But at the next switch on, I had this long start up time. So I deleted the AT, restarted the PC and EVERYTHING is back to normal, fast start up, one or two seconds only to load a web page.

So todays question is:  How do I get a refund for the AT subscription?

Regards Peter


Re: How to disable blocking websites on Norton Anti Track

To obtain a refund for a subscription purchased from the Norton Online Store -

Norton Refunds
Norton products (including subscriptions and Automatic Renewals) may be refunded within 60 days of the purchase date. Shipping, handling, and any applicable tax are not refundable except in certain states and countries where these items are refundable.

For exceptions and to know more about the return policy, read the full Norton return and cancellation policies.

Visit the Member Support and Services home page before you request a refund for assistance with common questions or issues.

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