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Bitcoin Suggestion

I think as long as users are mining ethereum and paid in ethereum, there will be problems...most of us are small miners and not worth the effort with the transaction why not pay us in Bitcoin? Norton can collect ethereum for all users, transfer to their norton wallet,, sell a few hundred thousand and pay the transaction fee then pay each user in Bitcoin...then the user has no fee to pay and we transfer to coinbase for free...sounds like a winner to me...

To make this more understandable, I assume the transaction or gas fee is the same whether it's $100 or $100,000 so if Norton becomes the owner of all mined, Norton pays the fee then pays each user - miner...
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Re: Bitcoin Suggestion

problem there is that bitcoin has a transaction fee as well if you want to keep more it would be better to be payed in xlm,ada,xrp,ect........ where transaction fees on the networks are .000001 but since they dont do that ill take the eth and stockpile it for 3-4 years long term mindset here

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