remove Norton Family without parental credentials

I have 5 different Norton Family accounts and roughly 25 computers spread between them (all are Windows 7 or XP).

I am trying to un-install and re-install Norton Family on one of the PC's, however, I am unable to identity the correct parental email address and password.

I have tried using the credentials from all five of my active accounts but the uninstall routine always reports that the PC "belongs to a different Norton Family account". 

How can I identify the correct Norton Family account the PC belongs to?

Or, is there an uninstall routine available from Norton Support that will uninstall the program without credentials so that I can re-install it?



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Re: remove Norton Family without parental credentials

Hi Monastery

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum.  Please follow the below steps.

On the device (where you want to un-install and re-install).
1. Right click on Norton Family TrayIcon and choose "About Norton Family" - note down the 'Computer name' displayed on the popup screen. Close the About dialog.
2. Right click on Norton Family TrayIcon and choose "View My House Rules". This will display the 'Child name' associated to this device.
3. If you remember which Norton Family account has got the respective 'Child name', please Login to that account. Otherwise you can login to each account and identify the respective 'Child name').
4. After you login to the correct Norton Family account, Click on the "Child Name" from Norton Family dashboard and click on "View Profile" - it will display the list of devices associated to the child.
5. Identify the device that you want to remove from the list. Refer to 'Computer name' from step#1.
6. Click on 'Delete' link. Choose 'Delete the device from this Family account.' on the popup screen and Click 'Remove'.

This will remove the device association from the respective device. Once this is done, you can un-install Norton Family without credentials.

Please try the above steps and let us know if you have any further issues, we will be happy to assist.

Best Regards

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