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Identity Theft protection appears to be useless

Love it, My identity was hacked somehow, I think KelseySeabold. 5 credit cards and banks accounts tried to open. And Norton tells me everything is just great!

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Re: Identity Theft protection appears to be useless

Who or what is KelseySeabold?  How did you become aware that 5 credit cards and bank accounts had been opened?

Did you have any financial loss? When were these accounts opened? The report you posted is for the 30 day period ending Jan 10.

Have you contacted LifeLock concerning this issue?    What did they say? 

How much did you pay for Identity Theft Protection?

Lots of questions but sorry I have no answers.


Re: Identity Theft protection appears to be useless

Kelsey is a doctors office that I did a video call on Dec. 27. I paid for Theft protection around Dec 7th. 

I just found out about it today. I got lucky because I had my credit at Experian locked and most of them hit bureau.

I saw on TransUnion that they changed my personal address to one of my old rent houses that I sold. And one of the bank accounts had that address.

I believe what happened is that BofA sent an old credit card there with the rent house address. This card was actually closed, but for some reason they sent it.

I called life lock, but haven't been in touch with anyone yet. I've been calling credit card companies and visiting bank branches trying to get more info and to putting out freezes, holds, and disputes to recover.

I don't think they had enough time to do some damage yet.

I would have seen it sooner, but I was recovering from Covid. Wasn't really in the secure mode at the time.


Re: Identity Theft protection appears to be useless

I am very sorry to hear about your situation.

Bad enough to have Covid but then to have your identity stolen while on a doctor call just compounds your problems ten fold. Identity theft takes on all kinds of different methods. You have my sympathy.

LifeLock is just an alerting system and may aid in putting out those freezes and holds but what you are doing sounds like the right thing. You have responded and taken charge of the situation. You still need to contact Lifelock and talk with the folks there and then assess for yourself what the value of the service is.

I guess as I said in my first post I don't have any answers but I hope you feel less frustrated by talking this out.


Re: Identity Theft protection appears to be useless

Have had Norton 360 Lifelock basic plan for a couple of years, now questioning the value.  We have had a significant event, no malware warnings from 360 and no warnings from Lifelock other than for broad hacks on services we do not use.    I guess I understand that this is just a monitoring service, but surprised that there is no feature to report that we now have an active issue and thus may be the target of other attacks.  When I tried to ask Norton Support via chat how to report the incident, they immediately ended the session, saying they could not help.

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Re: Identity Theft protection appears to be useless


Can you explain more about your situation in detail? You say you had  a significant event? What kind of event? Did malware run on your machine? Was your Identity stolen and used? Any financial loss? Are things back to normal now?

As far as I know there is no feature to report except for the feedback area which is probably there for suggestions for future changes made to the software. This forum is a good place to bring it out since this will reach Norton also.


Re: Identity Theft protection appears to be useless

My issue is that they tried to open 5 accounts. One was successful with an old address. LifeLock never notified me. THey used my SSN and LifeLock says my SSN is not available on the web, yet they used my SSN every time. 

They managed to open a Bank Of America with my SSN. Turns out BofA when you have an account open, they keep your id's online in your profile and when you open an account online, they don't need your id's. So they, auto-approve.

So this thief, opened an account with my SSN and BofA used my id's in my profile, so it was approved. Yeah, I closed all my accounts with BofA.

Now, on Norton360. It says I have 1 alert from LifeLock, but when I open it. LifeLock says I have no alerts.

I would think since Experian can see all my identity stolen items, so should LifeLock. 

If it wasn't for Experian, I would have been bankrupt. Not Lifelock, which for the price i'm paying seems it should be the other way around.

I wish someone would take a look at why they were not able to detect my SSN being used for accounts 5+ times.

I also know there was a huge data breach in the first week of December with Azure/Microsoft and one of my passwords were in it. Not sure if it's related, because they only tried to create accounts not using any of my existing cards.


Re: Identity Theft protection appears to be useless


I am a LifeLock Member.     I was able to speak to someone recently at LifeLock member services for an incident I encountered.  When you call them they open a case number so you have a start date for the incident.  It's a good question to ask LifeLock why they didn't pick up the acct openings in your name if it is a service provided under your Plan.  There is also an option to place a security alert on CheckSystems that prevents someone  from opening a checking account using your information.  

There have been numerous data breaches in recent years so it's almost impossible to determine where someone is getting personal information.  Identity theft is a growing problem and unfortunately there are many victims.   Many people have put indefinite security freezes on their credit reports for this very reason.  

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