How to setup to play GTA5 Online with Norton VPN

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Heading is pretty self-explanatory...

In an attempt to protect my IP address from modders, I wanted to use Norton VPN to play online GTA 5. Wont seem to let me connect to Rockstar servers, however, to download save game data on start-up.

I have tried local addresses as well as ones in USA and elsewhere, none seem to work for me.
Not sure if its timing out, or its an access issue???

Really sick of modders messing with me in-game. The ability to swap IP addresses on demand would surely help combat them.

Does anyone have any experience with setting up a VPN to play online GTA5, please. If so, how, please?

Windows 10 OS


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Re: How to setup to play GTA5 Online with Norton VPN

It sounds like the game servers are blocking known IP addresses.  Many web sites do not allow access from known VPN IP addresses. They do this for copyright, legal, and political reasons. There is nothing a VPN provider can or should do to circumvent these legal protections. 

Try contacting the game's Support service to see if they can offer any insight into this.

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