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Should I get Lifelock by Norton?

DO NOT USE LIFELOCK BY NORTON. I have been attempting to get my credit report at Experian for a potential landlord, and it won't event let me create an account because of my Lifelock on my social. I have been trying for a week now to talk to a person, and whenever I actually sit through the hour long wait times the person on the other end of the line is completely unhelpful, telling me that I will have to wait the six months for my subscription to end in order to access this. In what world is this okay? I may lose my housing and be homeless because of this. Signing up for an identity protection service should NEVER lock me out of my own credit report with no way to access without making one hundred phone calls, and I think this is completely unacceptable. Save yourself, run far from Lifelock by Norton. 

On a more personal note, [removed] Lifelock by Norton. 

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Re: Should I get Lifelock by Norton?

Hi guys! Looks like if you post about an issue you're having and directly insult the company whilst you do it, someone who has the ability to fix your problem actually calls you! It was very convenient. I am not joking, after I made this post someone who actually helped me find the answer to my question called my cell. 


Re: Should I get Lifelock by Norton?

When I read your comment, I seem to believe it because the issue with which I am battling since past 3 weeks and which is being taken by a very senior executive in the continent, has not been able to do much and the same issue was being taken up by some others too. One of the customers had someone attend to him and gave a solution that resolved the matter it seems. Frankly, Norton product is good and usually has no problems, but God help you if you did have an issue. Norton seems to be the worst out there. In less than 4 years, this is the second time I had an issue, which the company is shying from and at the cost of the customers, sitting back and working on a solution. I had an issue once about 10 yrs ago. Norton is clearly appearing to earn the infamous tag of being notorious for POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT & UNPROFESSIONAL RESOLUTION SYSTEM. NO FEEDBACK; NO FOLLOW UP; NO ETIQUETS OF CUSTOMER CALL APPOINTMENT. Norton Support executives para drop from somewhere expecting customer would be waiting 24x7 for a call from Norton and would also take a call from an international number without hesitation in these days. If the call were unattended, Norton rejects your ticket and asks you to go back and make a new complaint. It seems there is some kind of a revolt or a mutiny at the technical support side and the resolution system is POOR to put it mildly. The ones taking the brunt are customers.

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