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Does norton safe search change URL and redirect?

I have installed and have a Norton 360 Account.  I have noticed that Safe Search, recommended to install extension by a Norton representative via a Help Support call, adds to the URL string.  This has caused problems when trying to login to certain accounts/websites, resulting in not being able to log in.  I have read through some posts/articles on Norton and trusted website forums and have not found a solution or answer as to why this happens. 

Norton Safe Search--> "Google Login Page" -->Returns: Signing in to Google Selected and returned the following: --> Click the 'Sign In' button to the Top Right --> Returns:

OR Next search returns:

OR Next search returns:

This is NOT the only search that returns these long URLs.  Why are the URLs adding so much information to them?  I do have Norton VPN on and the search results and URL sites returned seem to continue to do this.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled Norton and have performed the Scans along with verfying that I am on VPN.  

Some search results, say for Wikipedia, have returred a page that is in my set language of English yet then to the pages Left menu bar on Language it showed 2 different languages, Persian and French.  I am not sure if that is how the page was set or why it would default to showing other languages.  Searches in general seem to also show other languages at times although everything is set to English and my search is set to Strict.  

I also seem to encounter Server Not Found/Can not connect and lose internet access to return results at times.  Phone has similar issue where it will return "Page cannot be displayed right now..." / "Trouble loading" / "Hmmm server isn't responding".  I have Norton installed on my cell phone too, I am not sure why if Wi-Fi is not available it isn't using to cellular connection.

Any help or suggestions on what this is and actions to ensure that this is not Malware, Redirect, URL appreciative.

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Re: Does norton safe search change URL and redirect?

Why Are URLs Full of So Many Garbage Characters?

Anytime you see a “?” in an URL, for example, the characters that follow it is what’s called “query parameters.” With these extra bits of information, the server can respond dynamically, giving you a webpage based on what you want to see. It might automatically put your name into a field, or provide relevant links based on your web search.

Hence nowadays, links can be long and full of apparent gibberish.

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