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VPN prevents internet access

I have completed multiple remove/reinstall cycles etc. without success. The Norton works fine on at our Xfinity location but not on Optimum. Norton  effectively  has no  functional customer service which is the reason for appealing to whatever this group is. I am a decades long Kaspersky customer who recently left for obvious reasons. Kaspersky was flawless. Unfortunately my next stop is the FTC. We deserve a product which matches Norton's representations upon which we based our purchase decisions. 

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Re: VPN prevents internet access

FTC? In your case, I would first, read this article, to determine if Optimum itself isn't your issue. Please by all means share what your results are, we can assist further. 

Please keep in mind. A VPN will connect to different server located in different locations worldwide. Any specific provider can deny access as their "policy" dictates. Sharing any screenshots of network connection denial, IE Norton notification or pop-ups would also help us figure out a possible solution for you. Here is how to post screenshots:


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