Real-Time protection

The attached screenshot is the issue. I followed the procedure for signing in Norton and the device will then show I'm now in real-time protection mode. However, when I restart the phone, I need to go through the same procedure to get back into real-time protection. How can I setup the phone so its always in real-time protection mode?

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Re: Real-Time protection

You should only need to do this once. There is no setting for this.

Try going into Android Settings - Apps. Scroll to the 360 app and clear the app cache and app Data. Restart the device. This will reset your 360 to a trial version. To get the full version back, open the 360 app, then tap Sign In to log into your Norton Account. Enter your Norton Account information and you should have the full version again.

Then test to see if things work properly.

If you are still having the issue, ensure that the Accessibility Service is turned on for Norton 360 in Android Settings.

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