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For everyone having issues running Norton on Xiaomi

Hello everyone, 

A while a go a posted thread about an issue that Norton doesn't run properly on Xiaomi T11 pro. 


It seems now that Norton has updated their website and shared a way to make Norton apps work on Xiaomi phone. I have followed their instructions and now all Norton apps run perfect except Norton Clean still doesn't find junk files like the built-in app. Here is a link to the instructions 





Re: For everyone having issues running Norton on Xiaomi

Good find. Although that article is for getting Norton Family to run. But if it helps with other Norton apps, that is a bonus for you.

Thanks for posting this.


Re: For everyone having issues running Norton on Xiaomi

It really made me very happy when I saw 360 scanning all files including system files, AppLock finally locking apps no issues at all, VPN works flawlessly, password manager, VIP access, identity all are working perfectly. Only issue as I mentioned is Norton Clean. There are a couple of points that I'd like to emphasize here.

1. Follow every step in the instructions, do not skip any. Especially restart it is a very key step to make all settings take effect. 

2. Be sure when you use the built-in memory booster to exclude Norton 360 and all related apps because if clean their data it will somehow temporarily reset them and keep them disabled for a little while. I personally find the built-in Security app quite annoying as it forces you to see ads so I just withdraw the consent and disabled it and I am using Norton only. 

Best of luck everyone. 

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