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Default browser Chrome not recognised by Norton

I’m trying to install Norton 360 on my husbands Android smart phone. The OS is up to date (Android 12), Chrome is up to date and set as the default browser.  I’ve sent the ‘add new device’ link to his phone and hit download, but get the message that the browser “INTERNET EXPLORER” is not supported, together with links to install appropriate browsers.    I’ve tried installing Firefox, setting as default browser, but am getting same message.  Have now reset back to Chrome.   How to I get around this problem please?


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Re: Default browser Chrome not recognised by Norton

Sounds like some issue with the email being sent to that device. For Android devices you can just go to the Google Play Store App, as that is what the email to a mobile device would do anyway. Search for and download Norton 360 Android and during the installation process you will have to sign into the Norton Account of the owner of the subscription. If you do not share the account details with your family members, you will have to do the signin. It is only required during installation.

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