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Bullguard code not working

I've been using Bullguard for many years so don't really like being automatically switched over to Norton. However, I don't have much choice. 

I had a 3 device Bullguard subscription. I brought a Bullguard 6 device one year subscription code. I couldn't enter the code because I was using a 3 device subscription and would need to wait until that ended before I could enter the 6 device code. I contacted Bullguard who stated the code was valid, and should work 'seamlessly' when Bullguard switched over to Norton. 

However, the code doesn't work. Bullguard used 16 character codes and Norton requires 25 characters. I have contacted Norton on Live Chat and they have stated that they don't have the facility to activate the code. 

I find it absolutely ridiculous that Norton, having acquired Bullguard, have not made any sort of provision for people with Bullguard codes to use them on Norton. 

Am I or the live chat agent missing something? Is there somewhere buried on the Norton Website a place to activate my Bullguard code? 

Keep in mind that the Bullguard website doesn't exist anymore, it just directs automatically to Norton. 



Re: Bullguard code not working

Unfortunately, during mergers/acquisitions there are going to be hiccups in processes.

If I understand your situation, you still have Bullguard installed on your systems, and you want to activate the new product code. How long do you have remaining on the older subscription? 

Obviously, Norton wants the Bullguard users to transition to the Norton products. This is somewhat easy if the user does not have any unused product keys stocked up. If you are wanting to continue using the Bullguard, it would appear your only option will be to do as you noted above about waiting for your old subscription to expire and enter your new code. 

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