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Add option to revert to previous smaller notification size

Starting with Norton 360 Windows version, the popup alerts/notifications in the bottom right (e.g., for Intrusion Protection) have gotten far larger, covering at least six times the area as before -- about three times as high, and at least twice as wide.  So they take up much more screen real estate, and block other information that I need to see.   Meanwhile the old notifications were hard to miss even though they were smaller.

While this larger-size notification may be a non-issue for many, I know I'm not the only one who would like to go back to the smaller size.  So this is to suggest that Norton add an option to revert to the "classic" sized notifications -- similar to the way you offer a choice between the My Norton and Classic UIs.  (Or failing that, have them appear in a different part of the screen where they don't block as much that I want to see.  In particular, higher would be better.)  Norton could recommend that users stick with the new default, the way you do with the My Norton UI, while providing a choice for longtime loyal users (like myself) who have a strong preference for the old, smaller notifications.



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Re: Add option to revert to previous smaller notification size

Thank you for your feedback. I'll pass this on to the respective team. 

Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Gen Digital