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How to contact support team


I have an issue with adding my devices to the new subscription, but none of chat or phone options are available to contact the Norton support team. This is terrible webpage design, it cannot be worse.

I'm from Australia and appreciate if you could be in touch with me or provide a way to contact the customer service.




Re: How to contact support team

Have you tried allowing all Norton pages content.  VPN off.  


Please post back...let us know if this phone number works. 


Re: How to contact support team

FWIW ~ as test: Chat Support (from my location) from Edge

Please clear browser cookies n' cache.
Maybe, try another browser. 
Please turn off VPN.
Please Sign In your Norton account.
Please allow all Norton pages content.
Please allow all Norton cookies/ads/scripts/frames/trackers/beacons.
Please allow all Norton pages content that may be blocked by browser extension/s or built-in browser protection/s. 

  • In Chat dialog click "Manage my account" -> click "Something else" -> type "Live Agent"

  • Please confirm Windows Fast Startup is off. W10 [here] W11 [here]
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Re: How to contact support team

I get the same message, but I know it is about RAM not disc drive space.

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