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Time Supervision Error

hi, we have family installed on daughters windows 11 laptop. she turns it on after school and it locks her out almost right away all the time. she has 3 hours allowed. it seems the norton adds time without even having the computer on at all. how do we fix this as right now the computer is next to useless with the time supervision switched on.  time zone is correct. 



Re: Time Supervision Error

Hi Gavin Canning,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum.

Upon analyzing the backend data, we could see that time usage logs were posted from the child's windows device.
Could you please try locking the machine(or shutdown) when not in use to ensure the usage time is not calculated during that time interval? Kindly check and reach out to us if the issue persists.

Additionally, could you please share the screenshot of the power settings from your child's device?
You can find the power settings by following the below steps:
1. Open Control Panel 
2. Navigate to "Hardware and Sound"
3. Select "Power options"
4. Go to "Change Plan settings" of the active power plan.

Norton Family team.

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