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I gave my mother a computer with norton 360 on it from my account.  It appears that even though the computer is protected by norton 360 that it has been attacked by ransomware that will not allow her to access even windows on the computer without it being unlocked.  Is there a solution where norton can use their software to access the computer and remove the ransomware?  If not it is something norton should consider because if it does not protect computers it is pretty much useless.


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Re: ransomware

Are you sure your problem is a ransomware attack? Is it possible that there is some other underlying cause to your issue? Hardware issue?

A ransomware attack locks and encrypts your files and demands a ransom payment to unlock. Have you received any info from the attacker demanding such payment?

Can you boot into safe mode to access Windows? What does the screen look like?

You might consider reformatting the drive and reloading Windows from your backup if you know it is a virus.


Re: ransomware

i would use the power eraser ( in scans)

if it is not able to start or get past the lock screen than that is another issue there

may come down to a reinstall from a usb or other method

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