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Smart Firewall Apply Button Greyed Out

Cleared a Trojan (APP_installer_ver_FDTVSV.exe) that I think I got from Harbor Freight scam. Norton History showed a lot of activity with Firewall rule changes even after I used Eraser.  When I went to Firewall to check status noticed that the 'Apply' button was grey and I was unable to make any changes. Turned off Norton and Computer but nothing changed. Just got another 'loyalty' eMail from a business that I don't even frequent, so I know Firewall not working even though Norton says everything is fine.  I really need help to reactivate my Smart Firewall; afraid to use any passwords for fear of giving away more personal data.



Re: Smart Firewall Apply Button Greyed Out

Did you install and run a full scan with Malwarebytes which was suggested here in your other thread?

You may also run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool to confirm your PC is clean.

Since  you are admin on your computer you can clear the contents of the Windows/Temp folder as well. I would also disable fast startup to clear anything that is remaining resident in memory. Make sure you restart the computer. Fast startup does at times prevent software from working correctly due to updates not properly installing, etc. 


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