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Norton Security 6.2 for Mac - Product Update Notification

The Norton Security 6.2 for Mac update is now available for download via LiveUpdate. This update is available for all languages.To download it, simply run LiveUpdate.

Note: A reboot is required to apply the patch.

Below are the new feature and fixes in Norton Security 6.2 for Mac:

- Fixed an issue where Norton Security installer screen appears (on restart) even though Norton Security for Mac is already installed.
- Fixed Norton Safe Search annotations are not displayed when searched using yahoo search.
- Fixed an issue where Installation process fails with an error message: "We are Sorry. We are unable to download the support packages that are required to complete this installation" 
- Norton safe search toolbar and safe status icon are getting overlapped on Safari. This has been fixed

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the Norton for Mac forum board.