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Norton Security 7.0 for Mac is now Available!

Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce that we have completed testing our latest version of Norton Security for Mac which is now available to download. To download it, Please visit http://www.norton.com/setup

Norton Security 7.0 for Mac

Few visible changes with this release:

Notification Center Integration: Notifications from Norton that previously used to use a proprietary Norton ‘toaster’ mechanism have been migrated to leverage the OSX native Notification Center.  This will enable you to see all of your current and historical notifications at a glance. It will also give you more control over what appears on your desktop and in what form. 

Menu bar icon status: We’ve made some changes to the Norton icon in the desktop status bar to reflect the current status of Norton. If all is well you’ll see the regular check mark but if there’s a problem you’ll see a n ‘X’ overlaid on top of the checkmark. This largely mirrors a feature we recently rolled out to our Windows client.

Safe Web Support for Chrome: Over the last couple of months the Norton team has been busy redesigning the Safe Web plugin for OSX.  What does this mean for you?  Well the biggest immediate benefit is that Safe Web is now available on Chrome!  This means that Safe Web supports the three major browsers on OS X;  Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.  We have also updated user flows and updates have been made to fully take advantage of HTML 5.  Finally we have added additional security updates to help ensure a truly safe experience.

Below are the bug fixes that is included in this release:

  • Fixes an issue where Safari is allowed to access internet even a customer choose to block
  • Fixed an issue with Logging and Notification Settings for Zones in Connection Blocking (Settings is not saving)
  • Fixed the Kernel panic reported with NIS 6.1.3
  • [Install] Improve Error message displayed on launching the another instance of the same installer
  • Idle machines may consume high CPU when Idle Time Scanning is running. This is intermittent issue

The FAQ below addresses some common questions:

1. How can I download this update?

     The new client is will be initially made available via the Norton product portal where you can download it from http://www.norton.com/setup

2. What are the languages this update is available for?

    All supported languages

3. I have 6.4 (Norton Security), can I get 7.0 (Norton Security)?

    Yes, You can download it via Norton Management portal by following the below instructions-:

  1. Go to https://manage.norton.com and Sign in
  2. Click Download Norton
    (Note: If there’s no more seats available, you can select the device that you want to upgrade and click the “Remove Device” button, then click on Download Norton.The license on your device with Norton Security for Mac 6.4 will be cancelled)
  3. Click on Agree & Download.
  4. Launch the downloaded installer and follow the directions to uninstall and install.  (Norton Security 6.4 will be uninstalled before 7.0 is installed.)

4. I have 5.8 (Norton Internet Security), can I get 7.0 (Norton Security)?

    No, You need to purchase a new Norton Security 7.0 product if you have versions older than Norton Security 6.4

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the Norton for Mac forum board.