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Update for Norton Toolbar support for Firefox

Dear Norton Firefox Toolbar users,

As we previously announced, Firefox recently removed support for APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that Norton was using communicate securely between the Norton product and the Norton extension for Firefox.  This was a fundamental component of our design; hence changing this is a big project for Norton.

Since it will take a long time to restore the full capabilities of the Firefox toolbar, we have been pursuing an incremental update strategy to ensure future support for Firefox.  First priority was to release protection-related features and then concentrate efforts on the Vault features in a subsequent release.  We announced this approach in advance but in the end, this approach confused some customers who upgraded Firefox with the assumption that the Vault would be there as well.

Security is top of mind, and when we are dealing with people’s most secure information it is imperative that we take a slow and steady approach.  We understand that our Firefox customers are inconvenienced by having to use an alternative browser, or having to copy and paste their passwords into Firefox, but our priority remains to provide a secure Identity Safe feature.

Over the next several months, we plan to release the functionality of Identity Safe in phases. The first phase will focus on highest-use functionality, likely to be auto-filling your username and password in Firefox.  We need to rebuild secure access to your Vault data in Firefox in this phase, which will take time.  Later phases will introduce more user interface features and may gradually provide auto-capturing new logins and passwords, auto-filling web forms with other data in your Vault, and Fill Assistant. We will keep you updated on our progress, but will not be releasing significant functional updates before the end of the year.

In the meantime, please consider one of the following alternatives that Norton supports today:

  • Use Norton Identity Safe mobile apps (iOS and Android) to quickly and safely access your vault data.  (app downloads are available at https://identitysafe.norton.com)
  • Use Internet Explorer
  • Use Google Chrome
  • Open the Identity Safe screens available within the Norton Security client and copy paste your logins and passwords
  • Login into identitysafe.norton.com and copy paste your logins and passwords from Identity Safe’s website

We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing to our Identity Safe customers in Firefox. The Norton team is working hard to restore this functionality as soon as possible. Our foremost priority is ensuring our customers’ passwords are secure. 

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.