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Norton Security 7.3.1 for Mac is now Available!

Hi Everyone,

Norton Security 7.3.1 for Mac is now available via LiveUpdate. To download this update, simply run LiveUpdate.

To verify you have the update, launch the Main User Interface, click on Help, and select About.

Below FAQ's addresses some common questions:

1. How can I download this update?

  • This patch is only available via LiveUpdate.

2. What are the languages this update is available for?

    All languages except the following

Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Japanese

3. What's new?

  • Moment of Truth: With this update, Customers will be alerted when they try to join an unsecure WiFi network from their Norton Security protected OS X devices. (Not available for partner layouts)

Note: Customers in the following locale/region will not see the alert

AR  Argentina
CL  Chile
CN  China
CO  Colombia
CR  Costa Rica
CZ  Czech Republic
DK  Denmark
EC  Ecuador
FI  Finland
GR  Greece
GT  Guatemala
HK  Hong Kong
HU  Hungary
IL  Israel
IT  Italy
JP  Japan
KR  Korea
MX  Mexico
MY  Malaysia
NL  Netherlands
NO  Norway
PA  Panama
PE  Peru
PR  Puerto Rico
PT  Portugal
RO  Romania
SE  Sweden
SK  Slovokia
SV  El Salvador
TR  Turkey
TW  Taiwan
UY  Uruguay
VE  Venezuela

​4. Bug Fixes?

  • Minor Bug Fixes

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know on the Norton for Mac forum board.