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Subscription Renewal Inflation

I was considering cancelling my subscription renewal because of the Norton SYMANTEC - NRA relationship, so pleased to hear that has been desolved. However, a different concern is the apparent inflation in subscription rates., Just got an email saying my Security Deluxe subscription will be automatically renewed shortly for £69.99.  That looked a bit steep.  Recent legislation in the UK now requires insurance companies quoting for renewals must advise customers what their previous year payment was (as companies seem to hope you don't realise that they are putting up their prices at many times the current rate of general inflation, and just accept the new cost). This does not seem to apply to Norton, as there was no mention of that in the renewal advice. So I checked old emails and found I had paid £59.99 last year, £49.99 the year before, £39.99 in 2015 and £29.99 in 2014. What a mug!  So I rang customer services and asked what was going on.  I was offered 50% discount to £34.99, but I declined and asked for my automatic renewal to be cancelled. I was then offered £29.99. I accepted but NOT on automatic renewal - we will have a similar discussion next year I suspect!

SO - do not set automatic renewal, query any renewal quotes, and tell CS what you are prepared to pay - otherwise walk!