New PC Matic commercial.

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Has anyone seen the new PC Matic commercial wherein they are putting down CDs saying that they are more or less antiquated?  Now, i'm not here to debate the merits of the program, for all i know, it could be a good program, however, it is my feeling that they didn't have to throw CDs under the proverbial bus.  By doing that, then by default, are the users of CDs outmoded as well?  Perhaps users of CDs should not invest in their program. 

I for one, am someone who constantly burns new playlists to CDs for playback when i'm on the road.  Sorry if i'm not cool, but, i had to start doing this because the current state of American music is in the toilet. 

Frankly, i don't appreciate this movement away from CDs.  In a family member's car, they have no CD player only something to connect your I-Pod - - well, that's annoying.  In the gaming industry, they are always trying to push downloadable content.  Even security companies are no longer providing CDs but a key that can be used once you download the program.  I used to like the days when Norton provided a CD of the program.  I also used to like the fact that it was NOT exclusively dependent on the Internet.  If my subscription ran out, at least i still had the previous definitions.  Now, heaven forbid if the internet is spotty or i decided not to renew my Norton, i have nothing. 

Putting that side rant aside, and getting back to CDs, i also like the fact that a CD is something you can put in your hands and it is solid.  For example, i buy a tremendous amount of games through STEAM, however, i often think to myself, what happens if their system somehow gets obliterated - - what will happen to all the games i have stored with them but have not had a chance to download yet?  Then what?  It is for this unsettling thought that one of the games i was really drawn to, If My Heart Had Wings, i decided to purchase a physical copy of the game directly from Jast USA. 

In conclusion, who knows?  Perhaps i'm over-thinking this, but, i still think PC Matic could have presented what they wanted to present without making half of us feel like we belong in the Mesozoic Era (laughs) ;-)

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Re: New PC Matic commercial.

Right OOTB, PC Matic is owned by PC Pitstop. Both are junk in my view. Modern OS's have almost zero need for registry cleaning, disk optimization as Windows itself does a good job on its own. Why throw good money and just another lambasted product which is redundant?  Both use whitelist technology and tout their "cloud" technology. So, in a nutshell nothing new there right? My personal motto is backup, backup, backup. The media used in my view isn't an issue. I have backups on remote media, USB storage, with Norton in the cloud. Having that "physical" media at my disposal when the need warrants it is that magical plus. Internet services can go out, having a system crash that won't recover, etc. Nothing antiquated about that one.


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