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Announcing Norton Password Manager 6.0 for iOS

[Updated on 6th December, 2018] Norton Password Manager 6.0.292 has been released for iOS customers.

The changes in this build include:

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements  
    Fix for an issue where PIN cannot be used to unlock the vault; and sometimes resulting in login failures upon reinstalling the App Forum Thread
    New branding with “Norton-LifeLock” logo


We are releasing Norton Password Manager 6.0 for iOS for all supported languages. 

Note: This update is being released in phased manner.

The FAQ below addresses some common questions:

1. What is the version number for this patch?

    Norton Password Manager 6.0.286 for iOS 

2. How can I receive this update?

   You can receive the update through Auto Update or by visiting iTunes. Go to Settings -> Help -> About to verify if you have received the update. Or Download from iTunes directly here. Note: This update is being released in phased manner.

3. What are the languages this update is available for?    

    All Supported Languages - [Except Japan]

4. What are the changes in this release?

  - Norton Identity Safe is now “Norton Password Manager” with product new icon [excluding Japan]

  - Minor enhancements and bug fixes

5. Where can I post my queries?

Visit our Other Mobile Products forum to post your queries.