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Please add ‘Optional Login Note’ field to Norton Password Manager browser version

Hello Norton Developers, I am just upgrading my IT devices (and in the process have switched to Apple from Android). I have installed Norton Password Manager on all three of my new devices. Mobile version (phone and tablet) works as well with Apple as with Android, I find: a very nice product, clean, responsive and intuitive. The modern browser interface also seems neat and user-friendly. My one concern is that the 'Optional Login Note' field that many of us Norton users use to conveniently store additional login information alongside usernames and passwords for the websites/companies concerned (such as security question answers, product serial numbers and passcodes) is not visible in the browser version for full laptop/desktop. So our information is not completely consistent across all three types of device. The separate Note field does, of course, exist, but it is a hassle to keep switching between the tabs and would involve significant duplication of entries. It is much easier and tidier to have all the relevant information for one login in one place, as currently on the mobile version. So my first question is please could you add the Optional Login Note field to the browser version of Norton Password Manager at the next opportunity? Following from this, and having read a recent related post, please could you confirm that you are not going to remove this field suddenly one day (for purposes of making the mobile PWM consistent with the browser)? I have alot of valuable information in this field and would not want to lose/lose access to it - at least not without prior warning! I would much appreciate your feedback on these points. Cheers!