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Norton Mobile Security 4.4.1 for Android is now available!

Release History: 

[Updated on 7th March: Norton Mobile Security has been released for Android customers. 

Below are changes seen in this build:

  • Due to the recent policy changes made by Google, the Call Blocking feature is currently disabled on Android 9.0 and above. Also, the SMS Anti-Theft feature is currently disabled on all Android versions. For Android 8.x or earlier, Call Blocking feature is still available with limited functionality. We’re working with Google to try to restore these features. 
  • Enhancements and minor bug fixes


[Updated on 26th February] -  Norton Mobile Security has been released for Android customers.

Below are the changes made to this build:

  • Corrected an issue where Norton Mobile Security was missing from Google Play
  • In an earlier instance, we had some features disabled; and with the latest build, all features are back enabled 


[Updated on 20th February] Norton Mobile Security has been released for Android customers.

This build includes:

  • Fix for an issue where NMS remain in an hung state when selecting Manage Account
  • Fixes for top app crashes
  • Call Blocking will no longer remove spam, scam and blocked number from device call log
  • Other under-the-hood changes and performance improvements

Note: This is a throttled release.


Norton Mobile Security 4.4.1 is now available for Android customers.

To receive the update, simply visit Norton Mobile Security for Android.

Note: This is a phased release.

The FAQ below tries to answer some common questions:

1. What is the version number of this build?

    *    Norton Mobile Security

2. What's new in this build?

  • A prompt is displayed to the user to whitelist Norton Mobile Security from background activity restriction and battery optimization, during onboarding or when enabling Norton Security Service, for Anti-Malware, App Advisor or Web Protection, from in-app.
  • A prompt is displayed to the user to review their existing subscriptions before they opt to proceed further with a purchase, during 'Retrieve Purchase' or 'Renewal'.
  • Scan animation notification has been enhanced.
  • Icon assets have been enhanced.
  • Minor text changes have been made in-app and in My Norton dashboard.
  • Other under-the-hood changes, bug fixes and performance improvements

3. Where can I post my queries?

Visit Norton Mobile Security Support Forum to post your queries. Also, visit Norton Mobile KB site to view the Top Solutions for this product.