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Valid software for Windows 2000

Hello everyone,

I have one special request. I work in EMS company, we have P&P machines on our shopfloor that are running Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. From manufacturer of the machines I have information that they test them with Symantec Norton antivirus and they work good. So my question is what software I need to buy to install it on those machines?

It would be nice if anyone from Sales or Technical Support can contact me by mail or phone.

I have few documents from manufacturer that I can share with some of the staff to help them determinate the software.


Machines are not networked, so I need standalone software on each.

Best Regards,



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Re: Valid software for Windows 2000


Welcome to the Norton forum between users.

Your request is very specific andabout professional products. As customers of Norton solutions for individuals, we can not respond effectively to this kind of question.

Also, I invite you to get in touch by chat with a Symantec technical service technician.

This is the support service most likely to inform you about this