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Concerned about continually rising price

My wife and I are setting up our budget for the remainder of 2020, and came to our anti-virus protection. While we like the Norton products, I looked over my order history and noticed that of the 9 years we've been Norton customers, we have had subscription price increases for 7 of those years, and the next renewal in 2021 is going to be over $100 for Norton 360? 

I know a business' operation is to make money, but that's been quite an increase over the years. 

Is there someone at Norton that I can speak with to see about staying at an agreed rate for continual years? There are so many other options for our business, but we like Norton products, just concerned about having to pay increased prices every year.




Re: Concerned about continually rising price

You could try a chat session with Customer Support but I don't know if they'll help you out or not.

You can usually find subscriptions cheaper at retail stores or reputable online stores.

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Re: Concerned about continually rising price

I've been a loyal customer after purchasing the Norton 360 in 2009 for $69AU p/a, by 2012 was paying $99AU p/a, then in 2013 received a free upgrade to the Norton 360 Premier Edition for no extra, years 2014 - 15 - 16 it rose to only $129AU a moderate increase each year. wait for it.....then in 2016 I was was offered the next 3 years subscription for only $199AU, bargain, next payment due (April 2020).., but I just received an email telling me that it will now cost me $196AU for next 12 months. Now I'm thinking seriously about looking around, I don't run a business, recently retired and it's just my wife and I on a pension. So much for loyalty.