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Active customers in legacy versions are being upgraded

In an initiative to ensure all Norton customers have the latest features and improved security, active customers in legacy versions on Windows platform are being upgraded to the latest version of their Norton product. With the 21.x and prior architecture being over 5 years old, we have determined that we need to upgrade our users to the newer architecture in order to provide sufficient protection.

Below are some FAQs that might answer some of your questions.

1. What are the products being upgraded?

  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton Antivirus
  • Norton 360
  • Norton 360 Premier
  • Norton Security
  • Norton Security with Backup

2. What versions are being targeted?

  • 18.x (5.x for Norton 360)
  • 19.x (6.x for Norton 360)
  • 20.x
  • 21.x
  • 22.0 till 22.14.x

3. What are the upgraded latest versions?

  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 SP0 customers will be upgraded to 22.15 version (XP/Vista maintenance version
  • Windows 7 SP1 and above customers will be upgraded to 22.19 version

4. What flow does this upgrade follow?

  • This is a silent upgrade flow pushed through Liveupdate. The customer will notice ‘Restart required’ icon in system tray to complete the installation.

  • Customer can either reboot from the system tray option or open the Norton user interface and restart the system. Normal reboot of the system will also complete the upgrade flow. 
    Note: Until the customer reboots the system, the machine will be protected with the legacy version of Norton, which has not been uninstalled yet.

  • Once the system has been rebooted, it will be protected by the latest version of Norton.

5. Where do I post my queries?

For posting your queries, visit Norton Security | Norton Internet Security | Norton AntiVirus forum board.