Wait time - phone or online chat

I have tried three times to sign up with Home Title Protect, no results

I tried signing up for the Home title protect, but the web page required a promo code which I don't have. The wait on the phone is ridiculously long every time I call. Chat takes along time.

Anyone having issues?


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Re: Wait time - phone or online chat

What is the promo code for?  Can't you sign up without the promo code?

If you do not have a promo code I would assume you are not eligible for that particular promotion which might be given to certain groups like AARP. Just means you will be paying a higher price of course unless you can find some eligibility somewhere.

Lifelock Home Title Protect is an alerting system that should alert you to a change in your home title at the Registrar of Deeds. Useful yes if it works as promised.

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