email is this a scam/spam?

I never asked for this costly sunscription. this email is obviously a April 1 fools joke.

I stay off line on the april fools day! I learned my lesson about that. IS THIS FAKE?



Thu, Apr 1, 9:29 AM (3 days ago)

to bcc: me

Dear user,

Your subscription for Norton protection has been successfully renewed and updated. The debited amount will be reflected within next 24 to 48 hrs on your account statement.



Invoice No. :i deleted it/but there were numbers

Product Name : Norton

Order Date : April-01-2021

Expiration Date : 1 Year from the date of purchase

Price : $299.99

Payment Method : Auto-Renewal

If you wish to cancel this subscription then please feel free to contact our billing department as soon as possible.

You can reach us on +1(833,236,2584)


Billing department


[Edit: Removed personally identifiable information to conform with the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service]



Re: email is this a scam/spam?


Re: email is this a scam/spam?

It is a scam for sure.

Re: email is this a scam/spam?

FWIW....Whenever you call an 800 toll free number, they get your telephone number and the name associated with that number.  This provides for a two fold scam.

1. It gives them the opportunity to purport their scam for Credit Card or Bank info. 

2. It provides them with your telephone number and name which in turn can be sold in darkweb circles for profit.   


Re: email is this a scam/spam?

If I was to get the norton service they were supposedly selling, I wouldn't. I know it isn't that much. First of all.

And second, I would go to Norton website to order it anyway.

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