VPN Blocking Sen/Receive Outlook Emails & Cloud BU

Hello All, first time this forum.  Long term Norton 360 User.  VPN a useful tool but blocks all send/receive Outlook emails and cloud back up.  If I turn it off temporarily, then works Ok?  Is there a practical solution tried Norton support nothing of an real inputs there.  Thanks in anticipation.  Reboot not any real effective long term solution.


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Re: VPN Blocking Sen/Receive Outlook Emails & Cloud BU

What device and OS version are you using? This forum board is for mobile devices with iOS or Android OSs

Email providers will block access to someone trying to access an email account when they try to connect from an IP address from a different location than normally used. Using a VPN makes you appear in a different location, so the email provider blocks access to protect your account.

The same could be happening for your cloud backup. Also, many web sites block access to known VPN IPs for legal, copyright, or political reasons.

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