VPN on Smart Phones/Iphone 12

Since upgrading to my Iphone12, as well as viewing many other post from different platforms, it would see that the Norton Products, in particular their VPN, have become worthless.  If I have my VPN turned on for Norton, I am not able to log into the Apps for things like Lowes or Home Depot and some other apps that have a login.  If I turn the VPN off, it works just fine. So what gives Norton.  I see lots of comments on here about how spotty the VPN for mobile devices works and I am also having trouble getting it to turn on, on my personal PC---even after uninstall and reinstalling it and following your instructions about the certificates and removing some of the Wan drivers.  Norton password manager is also not sending the notifications to my phone which allow me to open up my password manager. Obviously you have a programming issue and need to fix it.  Please pay attention to how many folks are complaining and fix it...


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Re: VPN on Smart Phones/Iphone 12

What you are seeing with logins to sites is not a Norton VPN issue. Many websites block access from known VPN IP addresses for legal, copyright, or political reasons. Norton is not about to try to bypass any web site's legal right to protect their content. When you come across a site that does not work with your VPN you should contact their support and check to see if this is what is happening.

Your PC issues should be posted in the VPN for Windows forum board.   https://community.norton.com/en/forums/secure-vpn-windows Some of the issues with the VPN on PCs has been addressed with the latest version of 360.

As for the Mobile Unlock for your Norton Password Manager, NPM....As you upgraded your phone, you need to go back into the Mobile Unlock settings and remove the old phone and then set up your new phone. It is not just the phone number that is used to register the Mobile Unlock. 

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