my vpn is set to Sydney

MY VPN is set to Sydney whilst i live in Melbourne,  I cant change it.

Also my Galaxy Tab has my Google Play store disconnected therefore I cant update apps. I have tried to delete and install to no avail.

please help.


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Re: my vpn is set to Sydney

The current versions of the VPN feature in Norton 360 will only allow the choosing of a country for the virtual location. If you have the VPN virtual location set to Auto, the app tests for, and connects to the best connection from your location. Sometimes it may even choose another country. Nothing wrong here.

As for your Google Play Store app, it may detect that you are trying to access the store from a known VPN IP address. Many web sites block access from known IP addresses for  legal, copyright, or political reasons. The Google Play Store probably blocks VPNs to ensure geographic controls for certain apps. Try turning off the VPN feature while you try to access the Play Store.

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