Why are some sites very slow or do not work with the VPN?

I am using the VPN and it's staying connected very well, but I find that many sites are so slow that it makes them difficult to use. Other sites just never do load. If I disable the VPN, then they work as normal. Also, if I do a google search I get a message that "abnormal activity" was detected from my computer and I have to fill out a captcha to continue. It's annoying. How do the sites know I am using a VPN and why does it cause these issues?


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Re: Why are some sites very slow or do not work with the VPN?

What device and OS version are you using?

Many web sites block access from known VPN IP addresses for copyright, legal, or political reasons. Nothing a VPN provider is going to do to try to circumvent a web site owner's legal right to protect their content.

Not sure what could be involved with the speed issues, other than to say that some users find a large speed decrease that no one seems to have been able to figure out.

The Google issue sounds like you are signed into your Google Account while browsing/searching. The 'abnormal activity' detected is that with the VPN active, you appear to be in a different location than what Google is expecting. So to protect your account, they require the extra verification to make sure it is really you.

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