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I have been unable to use Norton 360 on any of my devices it was installed on since early November.  I have attempted to receive customer support via chat and phone on numerous occasions and have not been able to reach them for support.  I just tried to reach them to request a refund but again i can't reach anyone at Norton.  I have been following the many posts from other Mac users with these same problems.  Is Norton even reading their own forum?  Why haven't they fixed these problems that so many of us are having?  I did find the way to cancel my renewal but I am leaving Norton now and I am pursuing a refund for the fees I paid.  Has anyone reported this to the Better Business Bureau?  

Also, does anyone recommend a different company to replace the services that we tried to get from Norton?  I have been using the Opera browser which has it's own built-in VPN.  I am happy with that browser.   

I have deleted everything Norton from all of my devices.  I bought Norton to protect me from threats of harm, and then became afraid of Norton causing harm to my devices.  If I can't get customer support then I am afraid of their products.  I have deleted everything and I am leaving.  How do I get a refund?  And what is the link to their Yelp page so that I can warn others about this terrible service.

Thank you.