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Crashing Other Apps

I am new to the crypto mining as I didn't know about it and I only got a notification through my Norton dashboard this morning, but already I have an issue.

I accepted the mining this morning and my Norton then stated that it was waiting to be idle before mining.

However while playing a couple of games (1 through a gaming company dashboard and 1 is an android game played through Bluestacks), the games kept crashing and mining started.

This happened 5 times before I got fed-up and phoned Norton.

They just gave me the phone number for their crypto mining department, on a number that isn't valid in the UK (they also on one phone call told me that it was only available 7am-5pm IMST time zone, which is Austria. then on another phone call told me that is was only available 10am-5pm in Arizona USA).

So I will assume that the number they gave me for their mining department needs the USA dialing number first.

So before I try phoning the USA in 5 hours, has anyone come across this issue of crashing out other apps/programs when the PC is not idle?

Is there a setting or something somewhere that needs changing?

Or am I now subject to continually stop-starting the mining process when I leave the PC?



Re: Crashing Other Apps

Can we get a few more details? 

If you pause the miner and run the games, do they run as expected?

What GPU do you have?

What are the games you are running?

There are no settings other than starting and or stopping the miner. The miner should only run if the GPU is not being used by more than 20%. Your game may be right on the border of using too much GPU for the miner to run, so it "pauses" until there is sufficient GPU available capacity.

The simplest solution would be to pause the miner while you are running games and start the miner when you are complete.


Re: Crashing Other Apps

Yes the games run fine when the miner is stopped or paused.

When I start the games, the miner states that it is waiting for it to idle. After about 20 mins (but this time has varied) the game freezes or crashes out and then when I look at the miner it is running.

The game doesn't crash or freeze when the miner is paused or stopped.

If the miner is running when I start the games, the miner goes into waiting mode again.

The GPU is: GeForce 1060 6GB.

One of the games is Raid Shadow legends, played through Bluestacks

And I have looked in the Task Manager and the performance graphs, and the GPU is running between approximately 25%-35% but does dip down to 10%-18% sometimes while the games are running.

So if you state that it runs when below 20%, it appears that I will have to start-stop the miner to avoid the issue, So thanks for the reply.


Re: Crashing Other Apps

in your case, it does appear that when the game dips below 20% GPU, the miner starts to run, which then, in turn, I suspect, causes the fun to have issues since the miner will try and use most of the cycles of the GPU

this does appear to be something we should "configure" to allow users to set the min GPU to allow for mining; in your case, you could set it to 5% or 10%, and the games would continue to run with the miner paused on its own, I will make sure Product Management is aware

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