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Registry Check REMOVED by Norton Utilities "upgrade" Then UPSOLD as an Add-on!

While using the "new and improved" / upgraded Norton Utilities yesterday, I received a pop-up message indicating that I had eight (8) Windows Registry problems -- and that if I wished to correct them I should subscribe to Norton Utilities Ultimate.

Wait a minute.

I distinctly remember having (and frequently using) that utility before the forced "upgrade" in N-U several months ago.  Now you're asking me to pay for it?

This demand (extortion attempt?) is even more frustrating since digging into the "settings" of my CURRENT ("upgraded") N-U has a check-box indicating that I have that capability (as a background action) RIGHT NOW.

So, somebody from Norton, please clarify this for all of us:

1) Was the registry checking tool removed when my Utilities were "upgraded" a few months ago?

2) Does the tool now exist only in Utilities Ultimate?

3) If so, then why do I have that check-box in my "Settings" panel? (Please see PDF attachment)

Thanks for your help ....